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    Our Most Exclusive Food Program Offering You the Best Net Pricing Available

    > How Navigator Pinnacle Works

    The goal of Navigator Pinnacle is to dramatically reduce your overall spend while maintaining quality products. This program (utilizing mostly name-brand manufacturers) provides deviated front-end pricing and volume allowance (VA/Rebate) by gaining your commitment to purchase core Navigator/Foodbuy items by using our Formulary Optimization Recommendations (FOR). 

      > What Are Formulary Optimization Recommendations

    Formulary Optimization Recommendations (FOR) are items recommended by Navigator to help decrease your overall food spend. These recommendations will help you buy more efficiently off Navigator contracts.

    > The Navigator Pinnacle Advantage

    • Best Net Pricing Available! Substantial Savings Through Off Invoice Pricing
    • Committed Volume to Preferred Manufacturing Partners
    • Your Choice of Distributor
    • Brand Incentives and Outstanding Rebate Opportunities Available
    • Use of E-Procurement Technology Platforms
    • Healthcare Specific
    • Full Transparency Reporting

    >  How Navigator Will Support You 

    • Dedicated Navigator Sales Team Whose Sole Objective is to Drive Savings Through Contracted Programs
    • Build and Manage Your Formulary Optimization Recommendations (FOR)
    • Provide Choice and Cost Savings Product Options
    • Ongoing Optimization Discussions and Reporting

    To Enroll in Navigator Pinnacle Please Contact Your Navigator Regional Account Representative.

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