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  • Full Transparency Reporting (It’s Not a Program, It’s a Principle)

    Customized reports provide the members the information to make educated purchasing decisions. Whether an individual facility or multi-facility chain group, Navigator reports allow members to monitor, track, and benchmark facility purchasing to identify opportunities and reduce cost.

    Usage & PPD Report

    Navigator performs benchmarking analysis to help members better understand the marketplace and optimize their strategic sourcing efforts. Navigator will break down vendor sales on a quarterly basis to identify purchasing trends in order lower costs and drive compliance.

    Food Analysis

    Navigator Group Purchasing has developed a comprehensive analysis report to effectively manage your organization’s food program. The analysis is broken into three sections showing spend, current vs. potential savings by food category and a breakdown by location detailing current cost reductions. The food analysis report is developed to observe trends and have Navigator report back with recommendations. Our goal is to continually offer product savings for your facilities while maintaining the best quality for the patient.

    Drop Size Allowance Report

    This drop size allowance report details drop size incentives received off invoice and identifies potential opportunities to increase savings.

    Raw Food Analysis

    The raw food report breaks down the total spend by facility for the respective category to give an accurate PPD by facility.

    Brand Incentive Report

    This report calculates the total branded sales by distributer and the total branded incentive earned by facility.